Why I Write

The immortal John Kruk

The immortal John Kruk

“I ain’t an athlete, lady. I’m a ballplayer.”- John Kruk

“I ain’t a writer, folks. I’m a blogger.” -Barry Mernin

Upon receiving notice on my 50th WordPress follower ( THANKS…Language Arts Blog!); I have decided to think about why I continue my blog. Like most everything else, it is complex and varied. I must say that I do enjoy the thought process. Below is a list of some of the reasons that I blog.

  1. I live to serve others. I hope I am helping fellow teachers.
  2. Teaching is a joy. I try to share that in my writing.
  3. Living overseas is a challenge, I like to share my stories.
  4. Writing this blog gives me a sense of purpose.
  5. My blog helps me mentor new teachers.
  6. For me, it is time well spent.
  7. This blog lets me connect with like-minded professionals
  8. This blog helps me show how fortunate I am to teach.
  9. It’s easy. WordPress makes it nearly impossible to write a passive verb!
  10. My students think it is cool. (It’s not…)
  11. My blog helps makes the world seem smaller.
  12. I am proud of my work.
  13. Writing lets me lead from afar.
  14. My blog is a personal challenge.
  15. Writing helps me express who I am.
  16. I learn through my research.
  17. The blog helps me show respect to my mentors.
  18. Helps me give evidence of professionalism.
  19. Helps me stay positive.
  20. Forum to promote my teaching heroes.
  21. Organizes my thinking
  22. Instills confidence.
  23. I have a need to share the many cool things going on in classrooms.
  24. Keeps me connected.
  25. Keeps me busy.
  26. Helps me to celebrate learning
  27. I see it as at a form of professional development.
  28. Opens so many doors
  29. Blogging keeps me grounded and true to my mission statement.
  30. I believe in constant self-reflection.
  31. My blog helps me instill trust and credibility.
  32. Writing allows me to have a sense of fellowship.
  33. I have a specific audience that continue to inspire me.
  34. Writing helps me “cut through the noise.”
  35. My blog helps me see trends and helps me adapt to change.
  36. My blog helps me empathize with my writing students.
  37. Kids learn differently. Teachers teach differently.  Blogging helps others understand me.