When I was a Fourth Grader…

When I was a fourth grader…


The Sox and B’s were everything

Freddy Lynn and Bobby Orr were gods

Fenway was Mecca and the Garden was the Sistine Chapel.

The Globe Sunday Sports Page was my Bible

When I was a fourth grader…           

I loved to bike alone

I thought deeply (still do)

I was told to hate the Soviets, the Yankees, the Canadiens and the Brits

I questioned everything but I still hate the Yankees

When I was a fourth grader…

Fonzie jumped the shark

Smallpox was still around, but not for long

Elvis left the building

Atari 2600 was the gift that all the rich kids got for Christmas

When I was a fourth grader…


I was a “lab geek”

I went to school for gifted kids

I thought I was smart

I learned I was not

When I was a fourth grader…


Gas was expensive and solar energy was just around the corner

Bugs Bunny and the Three Stooges were always on

I pestered my teacher incessantly

I wanted to be Vinnie Barbarino

When I was a fourth grader…

I was really happy!

What were you like when you were your students’ age?


What was important to you?


What did you worry about?


What really mattered?