Quotes about Barry Mernin

“Thank you, for whatever you are doing.   You must have a magic way to make them love reading.”  Parent email August, 2012

“He is a very nice guy, very passionate about his work. We like him.”  Parent Feedback Form 2011-12

“We can see that Mr. Mernin really puts his heart into teaching. He understands, he motivates, he disciplines. We are very blessed.Our child has become more competent and independent with Mr. Mernin’s keep.” -Parent Feedback Form 2011-12

“Awesome Teacher!” – Parent Feedback Form 2011-12

Mr. Mernin has been a godsend to us and we are so thankful that our son is in his class. Our son has blossomed this year and Mr. Mernin has even gotten rid of the insecurities that our son had before. Wonderful experience! Couldn’t be happier. :)” – Parent Feedback Form 2011-12

“Mr. Mernin is one of the best teachers my daughter has had during her six years of learning.” Parent Feedback Form 2011-12

“Mr. Mernin is a very dedicated teacher.”  Parent Feedback Form 2011-12

Nobody can not like you. You are prepared for every lesson in class and when things go wrong you always try to help out.”  Student End of Year Thank You Note, 2012

“You are a wonderful teacher with a very kind heart. My daughter is really lucky to have you as her class teacher this year.” Parent End of Year Thank You Note 2012

“We all are eternally indebted and grateful to you for bringing about this balance of beauty that you have brought forth in our child. I am not able to express in words how positively we have been affected by the way our child grew under your care.” Parent Email, December,2012

“I like how Mr. Mernin is always precise, especially in math. Whenever my lines are not straight, or I do not specify in my writing, He always reminds me to do my best to be precise.” Student Survey Comment 2012-2013

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for spending more time with our son so that he may understand society, the meaning of life and the importance of Math. You are the best teacher at this school,Hong Kong, and maybe the world.” Parent Thank You Note  2012-2013

“Mr Mernin has been the best teacher ever, I love the way he teaches me the concepts in math, reading  and writing. And he is a really nice person too.. :))
Thank you Mr. Mernin !!!”

“My son really enjoyed every school day! Thank you for providing him a safe and fun classroom where he learns and grows.” Parent Thank You Note 2013-2014

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