Waiting on a Friend

But I need someone I can cry to, I need someone to protect. -Mick Jagger

The waiting is the hardest part -Tom Petty



The past week I am holed up at my in law’s home in Itami, Japan. I continue to await the birth of my first child. My in-laws are ready. I am ready. My wife is more than ready. I feel as if I am sitting on the tarmac ready for a life to take off.

My former colleague’s are back in their home countries or seeing the world. I know of teachers that are visiting Tuscany, Java, Machu Picchu, and Istanbul. I kind of envy them.

To combat boredom, I do yoga daily. I play the ukulele. I walk. I take in the sunsets over the Kansai hills. I read, drink lots of coffee and scour social media. I vacuum, wear slippers, eat Japanese, watch World Cup highlights (the games are on too early over here) sleep on a tatami and lift weights. I research Itami’s  history. I play ball with the family’s or neighborhood kids and they all laugh at my horrible Japanese comprehension.

I rub my wife’s feet quite often.

I miss my work. I miss my home. I miss my Massachusetts family and friends. I miss being able to communicate without a care. I am out of my element and need to stay calm. I am helpless.

It is becoming more and more clear that my wife needs to have a cesarean section. We are both coming to terms on what surgery means. We talk each night about our hopes and fears for the kid. We commiserate over our present difficulties. We try to stay positive and upbeat. We cannot wait to raise a kid together. We have to trust that everything will be ok. Blog postings like this help.

I guess that these days are training for all that will be out of my control in the coming years. There is nothing much of importance that I can do at this time but wait and stay busy. I try to think deeply and plan a better world for my son and my wife. That is all that I really am doing the moment.

Any advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “Waiting on a Friend

  1. Child make one smile. They are the innocent and they make life a miracle that it is. I am sure all will be good. We have three children now grown and two grandchildren. Before you know it you will find them asking for the keys to the car and telling you what to do. Life, ah, what a great experience.

  2. We all worry for our children and the world they live in, you just have too much time in which to worry right now. Soon you will not have much time, you will worry in short spurts interrupted by immediate needs.

    Caesareans are one of those things that people speak of casually, after the fact, but are a bigger deal when you are facing them in front of you. I always try to think of the larger picture, of how many others have done this same thing with no problems.

    I cannot wait to hear your story in a few days (hopefully sooner! my kids were early and I joked of my unfriendly uterine environment… Naomi’s must be a 5-star hotel)…

    Thank you for making me feel older and wiser. For like, 2 minutes. 😉

  3. sending you positive vibes.

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