Education in Hong Kong: Online Learning Sites that are part of the Revolution

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The following post is to highlight a few preferred online educational sites. WiseKangaroo, TutorsinHK, TigerMom and Blue Marble Education Services each offer something unique to the current online learning revolution. Each is distinctively awesome. Each is less than two years old. Each inspire me to believe that our site is on the right track.

WiseKangaroo, started by my mentor, Atul Pandey, is based in Sydney Australia. Wise K is a tutoring site that helps clients learn English via Skype. Students learn key strategies to pass Australia’s IELTS test. WiseK has served over 500 students and I imagine it is a matter of time before it conquers the Hong Kong English language learning market. Atul is a leading member of Sydney’s Edupreneur surge. He posts that: Wisekangaroo offers a revolutionary new approach to English language learning that allows students to study conveniently from anywhere, anytime, be it home or office and to avoid long commute times, high tuition costs, and outdated books and CD-ROMs.” is an online platform that offers tutors “avenues to find new clients” They help tutors advertise their services in an incredibly easy format. The goal of TutorsinHK is to: “contribute to this fantastic tradition of learning, creating a social network in which students can find tutors based on their own tailored needs, while tutors can find students based on theirs. It is free to join for both students and tutors who are looking to become part of the tutoring community in Hong Kong.” is a fascinating site in that it offers users to candidly compare, review, and rate Hong Kong schools. also offers parents a way to connect online and share their own experiences of the incredibly confusing labyrinth that is education in Hong Kong. is an invaluable resource for expat parents of school age children.

Finally, assists expats, teachers, care givers, schools and organizations overseas. BMES “consult with parents internationally and locally who have children with special needs. We collaborate with organizations that have care providers who frequently interact with people with special needs. Our services vary from one-on-one to small group trainings. ”  Their mission is: to use evidence based practices to support as many people as possible with varying disabilities world wide.  Our services focus on using efficient individualized, scientifically founded teaching procedures that can be applied directly to the individual with special needs.  We provide supporting care givers, expats, teachers, schools and organizations with the appropriate skill sets to navigate challenging behaviors and barriers to learning.

In short, the above sites rock. Each site needs to become a player in the Hong Kong educational marketplace. I urge you to check each out and follow them on Facebook.

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