Greetings from Gobe Learning


As teachers and school administrators, we watch colleagues work ten-hour days at school then visit Hong Kong homes to rake in hundreds of dollars an hour tutoring on the side. Hong Kong parents take education seriously and will pay top dollar to get the finest teachers possible. They compete furiously to secure English-speaking tutors from the most prestigious international schools.

Enter Gobe Learning.  We are an online learning service that connects your family with outstanding teachers from our vast professional network. Our directors have over 60 years experience helping students get the education they deserve. You choose a course and we find the right tutor for your child.

Currently, we have over twenty-five course modules. We have chosen our most trusted fellow educators and challenged them to build courses that will highlight their abilities. Each course is about eight sessions long. From these modules, you will begin to cultivate a relationship that we think will be long-lasting and profitable for both parties.  You may suggest more course modules for our site. It is our goal to offer sensational customer service while maintaining a commitment to excellence.

Essentially, we are an online international school. Alas, you pay solely for access to premier teachers. With, you do not pay for mandatory busing, security guards, food services, bus drivers, secretaries, curriculum coordinators or “learning specialists.”

All you need is a computer and a child that wants to learn. Join our contact list today and find out more what we are all about.

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