Why Hong Kong is Following Gobe Learning.


The following post was cross posted on: Expat Teacher Man and Gobe Learning. You can read other posts from the author at Teaching Your Way Around the World.

For the past three weeks, teachers, parents and my mom have asked me what makes our learning service, Gobelearning.com unique. This I took as a challenge. Below is a body of thought on what sets Gobelearning.com apart from our competition.

  1. Rather than simply make a profit, we aim to transform what learning is for both student and teacher
  2. We know how difficult it is to catch a taxi after school
  3. We understand the pressure International School students experience
  4. We believe that Hong Kong is a burgeoning startup hub
  5. We are future-obsessed educators
  6. At the end of eight sessions, both you and your child may evaluate the quality of the sessions
  7. We feel that the cram school culture in Asia needs a “makeover”
  8. We believe that word of mouth still matters most when building a brand
  9. We are parents too
  10. We are professional, connected master teachers
  11. We are convenient
  12. We understand the difficulties expats face
  13. We love technology
  14. Teachers you meet through GoBe Learning are hand-picked from the most prestigious international schools in the world
  15. We have a professional learning network in the thousands
  16. We are lifelong educators
  17. We are building a learning service that matters
  18. We are in the business of helping families ease the burden of finding a qualified tutor.
  19. No waiting lists…yet!
  20. No mandatory busing
  21. No waiting to learn
  22. You can feel safe that your child is in the hands of a professional certified in his or her country of origin
  23. Our convenience offers kids more time to explore, be curious, practice the violin, read a book
  24. All sessions are personalized 
  25. We set equally high expectations
  26. We provide élite level educational services
  27. Each student learns in a one to one environment. We abhor cram school classes taught by college or HS students
  28. You can suggest which modules to you want
  29. Our celebrity tutors have impeccable teaching credentials
  30. Your kids will think you are cool!

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