I had a feeling that Hong Kong was tough. I had no idea. Dickensian comes to mind.

Startup     Hong Kong

My friend Tracy’s first hand experience and warning is at the bottom.

Or read a publicized  account of another overworked PwC associate here, who died from working 18 hour days. Chinese language here.

To the detriment of  startups, and human existence in general, we all know Asian parents expect their kids to get those “safe and secure, prestigious” jobs at large, well known companies. Their kid gets a steady paycheck while the parents get to tell all their friends that their kid works for *insert big prestigious name here* company. The kids even get convinced that working for a large company is prestigious and fancy.


Both the parents and the kids mistakenly associate the security of the company with the security of the job. They mistakenly associate the prestige of the company with the prestige of the job. The know that China is the developed world’s low cost blue collar labour source, but do not realize…

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