Expat Teacher Man

High atop Kobe, Japan‘s Ikuta Shrine on New Year’s Eve, we played. Below were thousands of Japanese revelers from the Hyogo prefecture. The air was crisp and cold. We stayed warm through constant movement and drinking hot sake. So many of the celebrants shouted “Arrigato” for our performances. The band had never sounded better. We six or seven foreigners looked at each other without much of any spoken words. Each knew that this was special.

That night, drumming with my expat Taiko drum group, I must say, was the coolest moment of my expat life. Our band was short-lived but we did have a pretty unique style. This moment could not have happened if I didn’t ace my job interview, years earlier.

I now teach at a prestigious school in Hong Kong. I have taught at Singapore American School and the Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan. The…

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