Reflections on how to communicate effectively as an expat teacher.

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Getting to Know You

To most effectively communicate with my parents, I start each August with an introductory letter making known my life story, my summer professional development and my latest vacation experience. In this letter, I set specific parameters regarding communication. I instruct parents that I expect to be able to rest and recharge, each night. Thus, I politely and gently remind the parents that a tired teacher is an ineffective teacher.  For the most part, the parents are extremely respectful of my time and I rarely need to communicate with parents past 7:00 PM at any point in the school year.  I inform parents that I check my emails three times each day and I make it a point to reply to all of my emails within three hours of receiving them in my inbox. I am dutiful in replying to my emails promptly.  I have had many…

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  1. So true – you are a great teacher! I also make it a point to call home for students who are doing a great job. I will make a dozen phone calls about every six weeks and just let parents know that they did a good job raising their child. It makes them feel so good! Also, the “good” students don’t hear often enough that their hard work is appreciated.

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