The inspiring ones you remember….You remember the uninspiring ones too.

Expat Teacher Man

After reading my mentor, Janet Abercrombie’s, latest posting on teacher meetings: I needed to think about excellence in school leadership.

I am quite appreciative of the many fine and the few poor administrators that I have been able to work with. Each has taught me a great deal. The best have taught me to treat education as a calling. The worst have taught me the true meaning of patience and compassion. The following is a body of thought on what I have learned from the truly great school administrators that I have come across.

Master administrators build relationships. I am a firm believer that education is fostering and maintaining,trusting relationships. Administrators worth their salt are by in large, positive and deservedly secure people. The finest administrators investigate, set goals and then celebrate achievement. The finest are data-driven to a degree. The finest take notes and respond to queries. The…

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