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I do my best to teach paperless. One of the disadvantages of less paper is that parents don’t see much of the work students do in class. Electronic portfolios virtually eliminate the parent question: What is my child doing in school?

But electronic portfolios have value beyond parent communication, as Jessie Chuang explains in her Educemic post.

This post has two purposes:

  1. Present a model you can use for your own students’ portfolios. It is critical to know what you want students to present before you begin.
  2. Provide videos that show you, step-by-step, how to set up portfolios using Google sites.

For a number of years, I struggled with this opening page. I didn’t want students to make it a full “About Me” page because I don’t want them to share too many personal details online. Some students wanted to post personal photos – which led to…

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