Schools are changing radically,

Expat Teacher Man

4th Grade Fun 127

In the last ten days I conversed with and learned from the likes of an impressive array of educators. I had meaningful discussions with fellow teachers, consultants and researchers such as: Dan Meyer, Alan November,Aaron Metz,Robert Appino, Keri Lee Beasley, Larry Rosen, Janet Abercrombie, Justin Hardman, Brian C.Smith and Courtney Lowe.

Alan November was especially inspiring. November led me to give my students”more structure…not less.”  He demanded that I continue challenged based learning approaches. He said,”The notion of intelligence is changing. Can we adapt? ” November reminded me that my students “need to know how to write the questions.” “The answers are already known.”

I was part of an intense discussion on the future of flipped classrooms and the worthiness of Google Docs for Reading and Writing Workshops.

Books and EdTech sites

Book titles such as, Quiet: The Power of Introverts and Moonwalking with…

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