I hope to have these guys’ problems soon.


The Internet makes it easy to collaborate across borders. But despite the rise of remote work and virtual teams, founders still need to travel for business sometimes. For some, travel practically becomes the job. And while data and capital now flow virtually unrestricted across borders, physical border crossing have gotten no easier. That’s causing headaches for global startups.

Take Babelverse co-founder Mayel de Borniol. He calls himself a “glomad,” which means a world traveler with no fixed address. Officially he’s a French citizen, but he prefers not to even think of himself as a citizen of anywhere — not even a “citizen of the world.”

That goes a long way to explaining the origins of Babelverse, which aims to be the universal translator of sci-fi lore. But instead of relying on machine translation, it relies on a network of human translators around the world. de Borniol and co-founder Josef Dunne, who is…

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