My most shared blog post. Thank you, everybody.

Expat Teacher Man

There is no secret to teaching nine and ten-year old students. There is no magic bullet to create a positive learning environment for children. Elementary level teaching is foremost, hard work. That said, it is the most rewarding profession I can imagine. The following, in no specific order, is a body of thought on how I feel teachers should approach their craft. I  may not know much, but I do now how to teach littles. Special thanks to Angela Maiers, for inspiring me and reminding me what really matters.

Please feel free to add your comments.

Each day, teach:

  • passion. Portray that there is no more interesting job other than teaching.
  • empathy. Understanding others is unending and infinitely rewarding.
  • awareness. Know thyself, it makes all the difference.
  • simplicity.Thoreau wrote, “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify.” This alone makes a life well-lived.
  • respect. Respect all who you come across, each day and…

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