Best of luck to yo, Elizabeth. look forward to hearing more about your dissertation. Take care.

Elizabeth Jamison's PhD Journey

No matter what level of technology is available in a classroom, students need to feel connected to a topic in order to do their best writing. Extensive research has been conducted on the key components necessary to “engage students in debates that echo the controversies and discussions in their daily lives” (Newell et al 271) and yet there remains a limited conversation about meaning-making online. Although today’s “Net Gen, Google Gen, or Digital residents” (Yakel et al 23) have grown up with the Internet, many still lack the necessary communication skills to make a cogent argument. Although some may think that a high score on an SAT or AP exam produces proficient writing skills, the only way to make an effective argument is to use “any and all available means of persuasion” (Aristotle).

Today, students do not know how to make use of the resources available to…

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