An Interview with a Master Teacher of Balanced Literacy

One of the best perks of my job is that I am able to collaborate with master teachers from around the globe. My school  houses some of the most impressive cast of teachers around and it is an honor each day to learn from them. With that in mind, in the upcoming weeks I am looking to interview a few teachers to both learn and share their craft. imgres

First off is Colin Weaver. Colin is a master teacher and avid hockey player. He was highly recommended from administration. While teaching literacy, Colin notes each discussion with his students. From his extensive note taking, Colin prepares highly effective lessons geared to getting the most from his readers and writers. Students, parents and teachers all rave about Colin’s work.

Elementary literacy teachers…Listen, Learn, Enjoy and Share this professional development opportunity.

It will be nineteen minutes of time well spent.


3 thoughts on “An Interview with a Master Teacher of Balanced Literacy

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    If you use a workshop model for literacy, you want to hear this podcast of master teacher, Colin Weaver.

    In the podcast, you will learn:
    – How to best use two kinds of anchor charts
    – Best practice conferencing, including two conference strategies other consultants won’t share with you
    – Colin’s top tips for conferring with individual students
    – What to do when a student is not engaged in the workshop work time

    Leave a comment below and tell me what conferencing tip was most useful for you. Also, let me know if you’d like to hire Colin as a consultant. He is highly skilled as both a mentor and a coach.

  2. Fantastic, my friends. I have re-blogged and plugged Colin as consultant extraordinaire.

  3. Thanks Janet! Enjoying your stay in Australia? We all miss you up here.

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