International School Administration: What I will do as school leader

I have put my name in the hat to become part of the administration team at my international school. The following is a body of thought on why I have decided to make this move.

I love school I have gone to school, in some form or another for over forty years and it is as significant to me as just about anything or anyone else.

Improve student learning I am an advocate for finding diverse talent when recruiting fellow educators. This means that I will promote using alternative paths to finding master teachers. I will use my ever-expanding professional learning network to find specific candidates for hire. Specifically, I will heavily recruit Ben Sheridan and the folks from #Kinderchat fame to move to our school.

Mentor incoming teachers There are few joys in life better than mentoring less experienced teachers. I have had the distinct pleasure in welcoming many student teachers into my classroom. Helping them find their way always is time well spent. As a school leader, I aim to model the workshop approach to teaching with specific regard to precise time management.

Curriculum: I believe that teachers, being the primary user of written curriculum, should offer a real role in developing curriculum, with help from leadership. This involves giving adequate time for planning curriculum. I have had a great deal of success in developing units from scratch using UbD approach.  Its protocol requires that all the stakeholders play a role in impacting learning. This makes sense to me and I want to continue to use UbD more actively as a school leader.

Robert Marzano says, “A guaranteed and viable curriculum is the number one school level factor impacting student achievement.” I aim to develop skills more so than offering content.  I believe that learning is fundamentally, a social activity and that constant discussion is integral to brain development. I strongly adhere to the idea that writing rides a wave of talk. Accountable talk will become a major facet of my mentoring.

I will insist that all intended learning has value beyond the classroom.

What learners will be doing: Students in my classroom discuss, write, sketch, notate, look for reassurance, experiment, set goals and read extensively. I have few discipline problems for my students are very nearly always engaged. I am a disciple of Mihály Csíkszentmihályi and I very much would like to promote his ideas.

What teachers will be doing: Teachers will be moving, modeling, asking questions, prompting thinking, listening, coaching, writing, developing curriculum, and stating essential understandings for each lesson.

What would learning environment look like: Each classroom will be welcoming, organized, healthy, purposeful, clean, and aesthetically-pleasing. All stakeholders will celebrate student learning.

This is enough for today. Readers, I welcome your positive thoughts, critical comments, and advice via the Twitterverse.

See you online.



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9 thoughts on “International School Administration: What I will do as school leader

  1. Best of luck, my friend. Mentoring teachers and guiding curriculum are hugely rewarding activities.

  2. Janet,

    Thank you for all of your support. Your work continues to inspire me.

  3. Barry-I wish you much success with your new endeavor. You are definitely the type of leader we need leading schools. I have no doubt that you have a huge impact there!

    • Cherie,

      Thank you for the kind words. I am happy just for being able to experience the interview. Looking forward to the opportunity.

      Take care and have a great weekend.


    • Thanks Cherie,

      Interview tomorrow!

  4. Congratulations on taking this next step in your career!

  5. Best to you my friend, I look forward to seeing your energy light up a new trail!

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