Effective Elementary Teachers are Underpaid, but by How Much?


If you are an elementary or preschool educator, you need to read NYTimes columnist, Nicholas D. Kristoff’s article titled: The Value of Teachers. In it, Kristoff, uncovers the findings from a recent study on teacher value.  Basically, the study concludes that the value added when an excellent teacher enters a classroom is immediate and everlasting. Replace an average or below average teacher with a master teacher, according to the study, and students are more likely to attend college and earn a higher income.

With this understanding, I have done a lot of thinking. “How much are excellent teachers worth in monetary value?”

Kristoff contends that a hypothetical master elementary educator be compensated with a bonus of over $100,000. The researchers from Harvard and Columbia universities contend that the cumulative total a classroom could earn exceeds 1.4 million dollars.

In no way am I thinking that teachers be paid in the millions of dollars. However, I think it fairly safe to say that if your child’s teacher is great, she is most likely vastly underpaid.

So I ask you. How much, specifically, should excellent teachers be compensated?

How much are they worth? 

Source: obs.rc.fas.harvard.edu:chetty:value_added



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