Goals for the 2012-2013 academic year

May is generally the time teachers and education bloggers are thinking about next year’s personal and professional goals. If I actually do a quarter of these, I will have had a very successful year.

In no specific order:

  • Finally decide on whether to develop a class Twitter account or use Edmodo. Any advice here?
  • Plan the entire year with Google Calendar.
  • Blog weekly, at least.
  • Spend more time here
  • Bend the ear of my school’s literacy coach.
  • Skype an Author!
  • Practice kindness, model mindfulness.
  • Start writing a picture book with my teaching teammate.
  • Volunteer at a Hong Kong Soup Kitchen.
  • Actively promote Kiva
  • Spend more time here
  • Use this site to develop more striking anchor charts.
  • Peer Mentor for my school’s professional evaluation system.
  • Memorize these.
  • Work on my public speaking.
  • Write daily for 10 minutes in front of my students using this book.
  • Spend more time with my Mom and Dad.
  • Actively promote Challenge Based Learning.
  • Make needed adjustments to our World Religions unit.
  • Develop more student choice in my writing workshop conversations.
  • Poetry every week with this lady’s help.
  • Bend the ear of our school’s new tech administrator.
  • Take one webcast professional development seminar with Heinemann.
  • Time bound “Words their Way” assessment strategies. Ideas?
  • Inquire about student blogs. Again, any help here?
  • 1000 followers on my Twitter account. @LarryHermanHK
  • Start a trio band fashioned after these guys.
  • Save as much money as humanly possible.
  • Plan our next move.
  • Help my friend drum up some business on WiseKangaroo.com
  • Visit Tasmania.
  • Learn how to create an Iphone app.
  • Take a Google for Educators professional development course.
  • Visit the Philippines.
  • Read Mentor Matters cover to cover.
  • Start a parent teacher book club using these books.
  • Read more books. I do this one every year!
  • Conduct a technology seminar for elementary teachers at EARCOS or 21CLHK
  • Get 5,000 hits on my blog.
  • Meet Maya Angelou.

It will be a great year!




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