Thinking of my family

A Life

That the stars are adamant
everyone understands—
but I won’t give up seeking joy on each blue wave . . .


I just got off the phone with my sister, Laurie. Laurie  is as impervious to emotion as they come but today she was weeping uncontrollably for some time. My sister told me that she had “great news.”

I was not able to flesh out the exact details but it really isn’t significant. My father, Bill Mernin, had reportedly “walked” either 45 feet or 45 steps. It is looking like he just may walk out of the VA hospital. If you have followed my earlier emails, you understand how remarkable this is.

But that was not the reason that Laurie was crying.

Apparently, the good people at the West Roxbury Veterans’ Administration Spinal Care Ward want to set up an appointment next Tuesday to view my Dad’s North Billerica trailer home.  They want to see if it is possible if Dad can live on his own. Again apparently, the caregivers believe that Dad just might be able to go home and live semi-independently at the place where he is most comfortable.

The “all clear” to go home is absolutely astounding. Anyone who knows Dad understands his love of life and fiercely independent nature.  Dad adores life in his trailer home. An ability to go home means that he is able to live his remaining days on his own terms. Dad was, and very well may still be, a member of Billerica Town Council. Dad cares deeply for his neighbors. He has lived in his trailer nearly half of his life.

I assure you, when Dad was at his weakest, NO ONE predicted that he would ever make this kind of comeback. I have a hard time getting my head around it, in all honesty. Just the idea of him returning is mesmerizing. It is beyond my wildest dreams.

However, as overjoyed I am for my father, I am even happier for my sister. Laurie stood by Dad’s side through this entire ordeal and she never once cracked under extreme pressure. I was with Laurie in December when she gave the Do Not Resuscitate command to the doctors in Intensive Care. I know that this was a brutal decision for her and she handled it with precision.

Laurie has had to deal with more in her life than nearly any other person that I know. She is an extremely thoughtful, graceful and poised woman. No disrespect to my older brothers and cousins, but Laurie is the head of this generation of Mernins as far as I can see.

The older I get, the more I realize that I am powerless over pretty much anything at all.The human spirit amazes me. I am in awe over life and living on this planet.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your continued good will toward my father, Bill Mernin.

2 thoughts on “Thinking of my family

  1. Awesome news! Home is the best place to recover the body and the spirit!

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