Personal Philosophy of Education

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I am a twenty-two year veteran elementary educator. I have spent the past ten years teaching in Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

My professional mission statement is: “ I will provide a wholesome and upbeat environment for any and all students to succeed. I will teach students to learn to be content. I will demand that students care for the world around them as well as themselves. I will remember what it is like to be a child.”

My professional mission statement has served me well throughout my career and continues to this day. My experiences have taught me the value of passionate living. I live to grow each day as teacher, modeling exemplar habits that my students and colleagues can carry with them for life.

I have attended summer workshops with Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, directed by Lucy Calkins. I have a master’s degree in Mathematics Instruction. I have obtained a leadership certificate from the Principal’s Training Center for International Educators. I have received a vast amount of professional development in curriculum development, educational pedagogy, and educational technology.  I am a professional educator who values lifelong learning. I am constantly enhancing my craft.

I believe that an effective learning environment incorporates the sixteen Habits of Mind. (Costa and Kallick,2000) I intentionally teach the habits to my students and post many in the classroom for guidance throughout each day. I believe that proper teaching incorporates meaningful differentiation supported by reliable and valid data. This is applied through consistent, intentional assessment and analysis.

I understand that humans acquire information best when they feel safe. I work doggedly to create an environment where students are not afraid to make mistakes. I expect students to learn from each mistake, and I plan accordingly. My students welcome, engage and support each other. I have high expectations from each student and have the highest expectations of myself.

I strongly believe that the 21st Century Educator be versed in the incredible advancements in the study of neurology.

I believe that one needs hope and look forward to the future, without exception. To paraphrase my hero, Viktor Frankl, I believe that effective teachers’ meaning in life is to help students and colleagues find meaning in their own life.

My job continues to fascinate me. I live to serve.


Costa, A., & Kallick, B. (2000). Activating and engaging habits of mind. Alexandria,

Virginia, USA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

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